About us

G.S.Machineries was started in the year 1999  to build core shooter and foundry machinery. Since then the company has sold more than 500 machinery in & around India. Our product portfolio includes Sand casting equipment,  Aluminium casting equipment, Surface blasting, Band Saws and other special purpose machines. Based on the experience gained from the installed machines and customer feedbacks the company strives to build machines that better fit your production needs and innovate new projects.

image of gs production facitlity from outside , location - coimbatore
Gs production facitlity, location - coimbatore


image of GS cold box box core shooter

GS Core Shooter

We provide you solutions for both cold box and hot box core shooting technology. We deliver core shooters that can produce complex core shapes with short cycle time, completely automated till core ejection to reduce the cost of labour. Our Core Shooters produces cores ranging from  0.5 kg to heavy 200 Kg cores.

Combined with our amine scrubber you can reduce the effects of amine for operators during cold box core shooting process . At GS, We are striving for greener ways to manufacture cores that lead to minimal environmental impact. We feel responsible for our products.We also supply core sand mixers and decoring machines

GS Amine Scrubber

Cold box process is the most commonly used process for production of sand casting cores throughout the world. They are made by solidying core sand which is usually quartz or zirconium sand under  Tri Methyl Amine fog. Long term exposure of Tri Methyl Amine fog leads to health heazards for operators. To provide safe oder free working environment for operators in core shop, the amine gas is to be absorbed from the core shooter and is to neutralized. Neutralization is done with sulphuric acid solution and results in formation of amine sulfate which is a neutral salt.

Amine Scrubber
Customer ref : Ordnance Factories BoardArms industry company
image of GS Pneumatic Conveyor to transport sand
Customer ref : Lakshmi Machine Works Limited

Pneumatic Conveyors

Pneumatic conveyors transport material by suspending them in air stream under positive pressure and delivers them at end points. They ease transport of bulkymaterials usually sand in foundries and ensures continous supply of material. We also undertake sand plant orders.

Nitrogen Degassing for Aluminium

Hydrogen gets dissolved in molten aluminium when it gets in contact with water vapour. It has to be removed. If not it will result in formation of gas porosity and degrades the properties of the cast.  The diffused hydrogen is removed by using inert gas system of Nitrogen or Argon of ultrahigh purity.

Mobile Nitrogen degassing machine for aluminum
image of Gs Shot Blasting Machine
Customer ref :Craftsman Automation

Shot and Sand blasting machine

Surface blasting machines (sand / shot) are used to clean, peen, polish therby improving surface texture. The components are blasted by shots/sand under pneumatic pressure by strategically located nozzles in enclosed or open space. Usual blasting mediums are metal beeds, sand particles, glass beeds, etc.

Special Purpose Machine and Custom Automation 

Utilizing our expertise in hydraulics, pneumatics, finite element simulations, gripper design, servos, sensorics and intelligent controll system we taylor make machines to support your needs and production process.

At GS, we are currently working on project to build high pressure moulding machines. It will be released shortly

Autoclave for Dewaxing
Autoclave for dewaxing Customer ref : Ordnance Factories BoardArms industry company